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Discretionary Fund Management

Discretionary Fund Management

This investment option is exclusively available through a registered financial planner or intermediary. If you are an individual investor who is interested in a custom-made investment portfolio, please ask your financial planner or advisor for more information about Tailored Fund Portfolios. 

Tailored Fund Portfolios is a Discretionary Fund Management offering from Old Mutual. By partnering with Tailored Fund Portfolios, financial planners have the opportunity to create tailor-made portfolios aimed at achieving clients’ specific financial goals.


The independent certification process, was first offered in the USA in June 2006, Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX). We are among the first Investment Managers to successfully complete it.

We believe it is crucial for asset management businesses to recognize that responsible investing and fiduciary care are essential to driving sustainable business practices in our industry. CEFEX provides a key solution to the South African financial services industry in ensuring independent verification of the operating models and processes in asset management as well as financial advice.

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What we do

Tailored Fund Portfolios partners with you to develop investment strategies that meet your clients’ objectives in an efficient and optimised way. We leverage our expertise and capabilities to deliver quality solutions tailored for you and your clients.


Why choose model portfolios?

Improve client outcomes
The research and portfolio construction process ensures that your clients benefit through enhanced returns and improved risk management.

Detailed investment reviews
Investment strategies can be reviewed regularly to evaluate the appropriateness of the asset allocation and manager selection of your model portfolios.

Fee transparency
The new Effective Annual Cost (EAC) is a standard industry measure ensuring that all costs associated with investments are clear and fully disclosed. This enables you and your clients to compare the cost of our investment funds and their impact on investment returns with similar offerings in the market.

Ease of administration
Model portfolios help you to implement the same investment solution across a group of similar clients. Each client group is then managed as a single investment solution. You are able to do bulk switching including, bulk and automatic rebalancing of your individual clients.


What makes us unique?

  • Standardised investment solutions for your clients to invest in so that you can spend less time dealing with administration.
  • Actively managed portfolio constructed from high-quality funds.
  • Customised and branded reporting specific to the strategies we co-create with you, adding a personalised touch to your practice.
  • A stable and highly-experienced team of talented investment specialists.
  • Daily monitoring of your investment strategies. You have the option to join the investment committee and participate in discussions and decision-making to ensure that investment strategies are managed effectively and reviewed in detail.
  • Access to top-quality managers through our multi-managed specialist fund of funds, while your clients benefit from very competitive pricing


Old Mutual Wealth offers many other services designed to enhance the value of your practice. We can support you in your advice process as well as in managing your practice and will engage with you to identify areas where we believe our support can be of value. 


Your role in our partnership approach

Portfolio design
We engage with you to understand your process and investment implementation which feeds into the design of the model portfolios.

Bespoke solutions
We create the number of customised model portfolios you require based on your advice process matching all your clients’ needs.

Investment goals
Your client objectives and risk tolerance are translated into investment goals.

Appropriate recommendations
We make recommendations to ensure that the appropriate asset allocation and a robust management selection process are in place for your model portfolios.

Customised reporting
Our co-branded reports provide you with a platform to facilitate meaningful engagements with your clients.


Contact details

For more information on how Tailored Fund Portfolios can take your practice to new heights, please contact the TFP team


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