• Peer Fund

The Managed Fund aims to outperform its peers in the Alexander Forbes Global Large Manager Watch survey.

We allocate the capital to a diverse, but concentrated number of asset managers, who manage the asset allocation internally. The asset managers each target real capital growth over the long term.



Fund Description and Objective

Long-Term Target


Managed Fund


The Fund will seek to provide a truly diversified solution for investors looking for real growth of capital over the long term. The Fund invests across all permissible asset classes including domestic equities, bonds, cash, property and offshore assets. Due to its multi-managed nature the Fund is expected to provide similar returns to the average single-managed balanced fund over time, but with lower volatility. The Fund complies with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act and is thus suitable for retirement fund investors.

The Fund seeks to out-perform the median of the Alexander Forbes Large Manager Watch (Global) peers over the long term.

The Fund is measured against the median of Alexander Forbes Large Manager Watch (Global).