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Investment Process

Investment Process

Old Mutual Multi-Managers follows a rigorous and repeatable process.

When constructing our portfolios, we follow a rigorous and repeatable process comprising the following main steps:

1. Strategic Asset Allocation

The asset allocations for each portfolio are essentially the mix of asset classes that we believe have the maximum potential to ensure they achieve their real return targets over the specified investment periods. The strategic asset allocation therefore serves as long-term benchmark around which any tactical investment decisions are made.

2. Tactical Asset Allocation

As the market is in a constant state of movement and change we will make small shorter-term tactical allocations away from the strategic benchmark. We base these decisions on the valuation of the asset classes and the macro signals.

3. Portfolio Construction

Portfolio construction aims to match available assets to the target objectives of the portfolios. Old Mutual Multi-Managers provides the following two main portfolio offerings:

  • Strategy Funds:
    For the funds in our range that target 'inflation plus' returns, we use specialist building blocks that utilise a robust asset allocation process.
  • Multi-asset class funds:
    To create these funds, we blend asset managers in such a manner that their styles complement one another while the overall solution still has the maximum probability of achieving the desired outcome.


4. Asset Manager Selection

We conduct both qualitative and quantitative analyses when selecting asset managers. The process looks at various aspects, including depth of skills, philosophy, processes, qualifications and track record. Wherever possible, we ensure that the managers we select align with, or share, our investment philosophy. To this end, when we choose our asset managers we look for the following:

  • A single investment philosophy that is long-term focused and valuation based.
  • A team-based approach to decision-making, but with full manager accountability.
  • Understandable process with a proven track record.
  • A robust portfolio construction process.
  • A stable, well incentivised team with a vested interest in delivering on client expectations.
  • An investment-led business with a high-performance culture.