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Why Invest With Us

Why Invest With Us

Invest in any of our funds or outsource your investment administration to us. We'd be happy to meet to discuss your needs.


Whether you are an individual or institutional investor, the benefits of investing with Old Mutual Multi-Managers are clear. When you invest with us …

  • You get exposure to a diverse range of asset classes and investment managers
    We select a number of external asset managers who specialise in managing the different asset classes. The asset managers differ in styles to decrease the risk in our portfolios and reduce the dependence on specific market conditions.
  • You get the benefit of our in-depth asset manager research
    We undertake rigorous research, not only into fund performance, but also the strategy, philosophy, process, portfolio construction and risk management of the individual asset managers.
  • You get active asset allocation
    We control the allocation to local and global asset classes and will vary these allocations over time with changes in market cycles. We place a lot of emphasis on the valuation of the asset classes and are also aware of the effect that global macros can have on these asset classes. We have two investment strategists who spend all of their time on researching these macros.
  • You enjoy a cost-effective investment solution
    As a result of the size of our assets, Old Mutual Multi-Managers can offer investors fund of fund fees that may be lower than the fees for investing directly with the underlying asset managers.
  • You enjoy peace of mind while we do the work
    Being part of Old Mutual, we are able to leverage off sophisticated back-office and risk systems and resources to streamline processes and costs. We control the asset allocation and allocate to the most appropriate external asset managers in each asset class and interact and monitor these asset managers over time. Our funds are designed with the members' total return outcomes in mind to which we aim to deliver on at all times. This total solution allows you the time to focus on member interactions and leave the investing to the safety of Old Mutual Multi-Managers.