Information to keep you and your family safe

Adapting to changing circumstances and rising to new challenges is something we at Old Mutual have been doing for 175 years. We have faced and overcome many major hurdles and defied many headwinds. Time and time again, we have emerged stronger and more resilient. We are financially strong, well capitalised and managed by talented and dedicated people who are committed to partnering with you through this crisis and beyond to a better future.

The Covid-19 pandemic presents unprecedented challenges to the world’s healthcare and economic systems, and to us, as individuals.  It is during difficult times like these that it is more important than ever for everybody to stay calm, think clearly and act responsibly. Panic can lead to rash decisions that are later regretted. It is far wiser to remain focused on the long- term picture.

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What is Old Mutual doing to help combat the spread and effects of Covid-19

Old Mutual Limited has announced that it would be pledging R50 million toward a comprehensive COVID-19 response, in partnership with government, business, labour and civil society. This relief package would primarily be channeled towards educational initiatives that address both immediate and emerging needs across the sector, brought about by the impact of COVID-19.

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Online Resource & News Portal - SAcoronavirus.co.za

Get access to the COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal www.sacoronavirus.co.za