If you wish to invest with us, you can do so through your financial planner, or directly. To invest, you can:

Download an application form, or

Apply online or

Contact the Old Mutual Multi-Managers client support team by email

Alternatively, find an Old Mutual Wealth Accredited financial planner by calling 0860 999 199.

Our funds and product information may also be accessed through the following platforms:

Old Mutual Wealth platform:
Tel: 0860 999 199
Fax: 0860 999 1997
E-mail: Old Mutual Wealth Service Centre

Old Mutual Unit Trusts:
Tel: 0860 234 234
Fax: 021 509 7100
E-mail: Old Mutual Unit Trusts Service Centre

Max Investments:
Tel: 0860 603 500
Fax: 0860 607 500

The Old Mutual Multi-Managers Balanced Fund of Funds, Old Mutual Multi-Managers Cautious Fund of Funds, Old Mutual Multi-Managers Defensive Fund of Funds, Old Mutual Multi-Managers Equity Fund of Funds and Old Mutual Multi-Managers Enhanced Income Fund of Funds are products offered by Old Mutual Unit Trusts. Old Mutual Unit Trust Managers Limited is a subsidiary of Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (SA) (FSP 26/10/703) and a member of the Association of Collective Investments, SA. For more information about Old Mutual Unit Trusts, please visit their website at